How Pharma Drugs Can Harm Pets

When a medic reaches out for that pack of generic heparin from her pharmacy shelf, does she know who produced the drug and how was it manufactured? If she doesn’t know this, then she wouldn’t know whether its contaminated or not, and using it could be harmful.

The FDA recently found a number of tainted batches the drug heparin. And since, adulterated pharmaceutical drugs are everywhere, it’s quite a possibility that many drugs sold as veterinary pet products are tainted too.

Whatever be the intention of the drug suppliers and manufacturers of these bogus drugs, most often it’s the greed to making big money, the moot point is to ensure a safe pet supplies of these medicines.

Not to far back, a couple of months, a news network busted a drug manufacturer in China trying to make counterfeits of some popular drugs by mixing arsenic, road paint and what not, severely tainting them, which would have had serious repercussions for consumers.

Also, in 2007, and as the Wall Street Journal reported, In fiscal 2007, the FDA ran 31 domestic counterfeit-drug investigations, which could include products with ingredients manufactured overseas. Similarly, in in 2006 there were 54 investigation and in 2005 the number was 32.

Hence, it goes without saying that if fake drug products have found their way in human bodies, can the pets bodies be insulated. Most of the supply of tainted products lands up in the US from overseas, and many pet supplies for drugs are procured wholesale, just as pet accessories are.

On the face of it, it might appear that goods brought from overseas are to blame. But it might not be the case, because a lot of supplies for outside are properly produced. More important thing, perhaps is to choose the right sources of veterinary supplies.

Veterinary Equipment & Treatments For Your Pet

People just love to keep different types of pets and this fact is justified by the increasing number of pet shops one finds in most major cities. These shops are also found in smaller towns nowadays.

As the owner of a pet, you know how near and dear they are to you. When they fall sick, you feel as if a member of the family has fallen ill. You discard your other tasks to take them to the vet so that they get cured quickly. Have you ever spared a thought for the veterinarians who dedicate their life in keeping your pets happy? These animal doctors have more knowledge than those who check humans.

The reason behind is the sheer number of animals and birds and the different type of treatment required for them. The same splint that will work fine for a canary will look like the proverbial needle in the haystack when applied to the leg of an elephant. Spare yourself the time to visit any such veterinarian and you will be amazed to find the amount of medical equipment they have in their chamber. Part from this the medicines prescribed for animals are different from those for humans. Though the basic drugs might be the same, the way they are formulated is far more different that the formulation of the same drugs used by humans.

In fact there is a huge parallel drug industry running that specializes in veterinary equipment and treatments. If you have purchased a new puppy, there is some equipment you would like to purchase for them. There are special beds made just for these adorable pets and they are not available at just any store. To get hold of them you need to visit specialized shops. The same holds true for medicines for your pets. Some of them might be available in the general drug store but the majority of them will only be available at stores that deal in veterinary equipments and treatments.

Just search the internet and you will find many such online shops that will provide equipments for your pets. These online shops also stock the medicines required for your pets. The best advantage of shopping online is that you need not visit any shop physically. If there are no such physical stores in your neighborhood, you can order them online and be rest assured that they will be delivered at your doorstep. There is one thing that you need to be wary of.

Taking advantage of the huge demand of veterinary equipment and treatments there are a number of crooks who have set up sites that are out just to grab your money. It is advised that you only opt in for reputed online stores when purchasing goods for your pet. This way you will be ensured that the products you are purchasing will be beneficial for your pet and shall also provide them with fun for a long period of time. These organizations also stock the best specialized foods and biscuits for your pet.

Veterinary Webinars – 3 Easy Ways to Learn Online

Veterinary Webinars can help vets in practice:-

  • Fulfill their CPD requirements with minimal effort
  • Cut down on attendance course fees, travel and accommodation
  • Connect with leading experts and ask key questions
  • Keep up to date in rapidly advancing areas of medicine and surgery
  • Gain essential practical tips for effective performance of clinical and surgical procedures

Vets and nurses can make use of veterinary webinars in a number of ways. There are lots of free webinars put on by drug companies, education companies and service providers. There are webinar clubs, where professionals join on an annual or a monthly basis and can then enjoy live and recorded webinars on an ongoing basis. And there are also individual webinars on specific veterinary CPD topics that vets can register for and just pay for the subject of interest. The latter two categories are often unsponsored, so in theory at least a more unbiased view may be presented.

1. Free Webinars

These have proliferated and there are now many available; they are free to attend and may or may not provide access to a recording of the webinar after the live event. Most are provided by drug companies and relate to the subject areas in which they are manufacturing pharmaceutical products. Content is generally provided by leading specialists but it’s worth bearing in mind that speakers are unlikely to have anything negative to say about this company’s products- after all they are being paid by them!

2. Webinar Clubs

Members pay a monthly or annual membership fee and have access to all of the live sessions and the recorded webinars on the site. There may be additional benefits such as video downloads and study notes. Generally members can download CPD certificates for an hour of CPD for each webinar viewed, although this will vary with the specific club and the webinar format.

Webinar Clubs often provide better value for money than purchasing individual webinars on specific subjects, but of course a vet or nurse may not be interested in all of the subjects offered by a club.

3. Choose Individual Webinars in Subjects of Interest

The perfect choice for veterinary professionals who want to increase their knowledge or get an update in a particular clinical subject area. Individual webinars probably don’t provide quite such good value for money as clubs, but they are very cost-effective and easy to attend. If you’re going to purchase one, make sure that there is a facility for watching the recording if you should miss the live event, and for downloading your CPD certificate afterwards.

Things to look out for:-

Technical Support: this is often sketchy! Webinars are often run by individuals in their spare time, without full technical backup or people available to answer any questions that you might have. If support and having your questions answered promptly are important to you, then choose a Veterinary Webinar provider with full office backup and support rather than just an email address or contact form on a website.

Recording Quality

Webinars are online presentations. This is their big advantage- you can participate from anywhere with an internet connection and take advantage of the expertise of speakers all over the world. However, the quality and speed of internet connections can vary considerably! Bear this mind and you won’t be disappointed when some webinars do not have the sound quality of a recording studio.

Try a Free Webinar

If you haven’t tried veterinary webinars before, try a free one and see if you like the format. Online learning isn’t for everyone, but there are distinct advantages in terms of convenience and cost-effectiveness. Want to try one?