The Date Rape Drugs

Given the recent spate of sexual assaults and the seizure of a large quantity of the Date Rape drug GBH by the RCMP I thought it was time to pen an article about the Date Rape drugs. I spoke with a mother on the phone recently who was interested in a Self Defence course for herself and her daughter. She was concerned as the young lady is now of legal age to go to the clubs and she was asking questions about Personal Safety and the Date Rape drugs. This article will provide women with some basic education and training in this area. Thus armed, they will be able to significantly reduce their risk of being targeted for sexual assault via chemical warfare.

The Date Rape drugs fall into a category of recreational drugs known as “Club Drugs” due to the fact that they are often used, bought and sold at bars, raves and parties. They cover a wide spectrum of substances including the Date Rape drugs. By definition a “Date Rape” drug is any substance that is used in as a tool to place the intended victim in a suggestible or helpless stated through the administration of a mind altering substance. I think it’s important to note that any drug has the potential to be utilized in the commission of a sexual assault. People often forget that “Alcohol” is most commonly employed drug in sexual assaults, not Rohypnol, Ketamine or GHB.

Rohypnol (Roofies, Ruffies, Rib, Rope, Forget Pill, R2, Roche, Lunch Money, Mexican Valium, Mind Erasers, Poor Man’s Qualude, Trip-and-Fall, Whitey’s)
This is one of the “Big Three” drugs we commonly associate with Date Rape. It is an extremely powerful sedative and prescribed as a sleep aid. It is colorless, odorless and tasteless when mixed with food, water or alcohol. Rohypnol also goes by the brand name of flunitrazepam, and is available in North America. Rohypnol takes effect relatively quickly and effects are usually noted within 20-30 minutes of ingestion of the drug. Its effects can last anywhere from 6-8 hours dependent upon the dose and the victims weight and other factors such as alcohol consumption. The effects of Rohypnol are extreme drowsiness, lowered blood pressure, visual disturbances, dizziness, and confusion, loss of muscle control, slurred speech and unconsciousness. Rohypnol produces effects that appear as extreme intoxication after very little to drink. It also often leaves the victim with little or no memory of what occurred while under the drugs influence. The drug now has an additive that causes a precipitate (blue flakes) to form when it is mixed with a liquid. This should make a drink laced with this drug easy to spot.

GHB (Grievous Bodily Harm, Liquid X, Scoop, Liquid Ecstasy, Easy Lay, Cherry Meth, Energy Drink, G, Gamma 10, Georgia Home Boy, Goop, Gook, G-Juice, Liquid E, Salt Water, Soap, Somatomax, Vita-G)
GHB or gamma hydroxybutyric is the second of the “Big Three” drugs utilized for sexual assaults. This drug was banned in 1991 but has since made resurgence as a legal muscle enhancer and fat reducer. The drug is easily available and instructions for its use and manufacturing are available on the internet. This drug is available in liquid, powder and tablet. GHB gives drinks a slightly salty taste, so it is often mixed with sweet tasting drinks such as fruit juice to mask the saltiness. GHB can be extremely dangerous especially when mixed with alcohol. It takes effect within 10-15 minutes of ingestion and can produce effects varying from relaxation and euphoria at low doses, to extreme fatigue, unconsciousness, and seizures and vomiting. Overdoses of GHB often require emergency medical treatment to combat coma and the depression of the victim’s respiration.

Ketamine (Special K, Calvin Klein, Vitamin K, Ket, Black Hole, Cat Valium, Green, Jet, K-Hole, Kit Kat, Psychedelic Heroin, Super Acid, Purple)
Ketamine was originally designed and used as a field anesthetic in Vietnam. It was discovered that it had some terrible side effects on humans and is now used as a veterinary drug. Ketamine comes in liquid or powdered form and is commonly snorted, injected or ingested. It is water soluble as well as tasteless, colorless and odorless. The drug generally takes effect within 10-15 minutes of ingestion and are short lived. Victims experience a profound change in the level of consciousness as well as memory impairment and difficulty organizing and understanding the environment. Higher doses cause unconsciousness.

Perhaps more valuable than a lesson on the types of drugs used and the methods in which they are employed it would be more valuable to look at how you can avoid becoming a victim through some very simple Personal Safety practices.

o Never accept a drink that you have not ordered, or seen mixed/opened for yourself.
o Never leave your drink unattended.
o Don’t drink anything that looks or tastes “Off”. If you are unsure don’t drink it.
o Never drink anything that has a precipitate (residue) on the glass or in the drink.
o If you start to feel funny, or more intoxicated than can be accounted for by the amount you’ve consumed, call 911.
o Never accept drinks or drugs from strangers.
o Don’t assume that this can only happen at raves, bars and big house parties. More and more often I am hearing about these drugs being employed at sporting events, High School/Junior High dances, college campuses, workplace parties etc.
o Always go out/party with a group of friends.
o Plan to go home as a group or with someone you trust.

By incorporating some basic knowledge of these substances and how they can be used to facilitate a sexual assault, women can protect themselves through proactive planning and preventative practices. We may never completely eliminate the use of chemical warfare in the commission of sexual assaults, but we can start reducing the statistics one women at a time through knowledge, preparation, training and practice.

Kerry Sauve
StreetSense Safety and Security Inc

Why You Should Get Veterinary Medications Online

Pet and animal diseases at times are unpredictable and can fester if proper medication is not given. In unfortunate instances, death may occur. This normally takes place when the symptoms go unnoticed and medication is commenced when disease has already advanced to a dangerous stage. Therefore, to prevent the death of domestic animals, veterinary medication must always be a top priority. For proper pet medication, there are two ways to be prepared. Foremost, by stocking the drugs especially pain killers and analgesics, which can be used to delay deleterious symptoms. By checking veterinary medication online, one can get a good list of drugs that can be stocked comfortably and means to administer them.

The next line of preparedness for pet disease is by having a personalized pet doctor. With the contacts of such a doctor, you can always call the vet whenever you notice signs and symptoms of infection in your animals. However, these veterinarians always charge a premium for their services, which is unaffordable for the majority. Despite this exorbitant cost, you can always find several veterinary medications online from pet doctors whose services are quite affordable. Most of them operate throughout the week. Once you have found an online doctor, there are many ways through which you can get in touch with them. Foremost, you can chat directly with them where they can guide you on the steps to take in case your animal has fallen sick. Alternatively, you can call or email the doctors. In the end, all these methods are practical, as you will still get important ideas that help improve the living standards of your animals.

Getting veterinary medications online is also ideal in case you choose to administer drugs yet you have doubts about the dosage or brands to use. For this, you can comfortably turn to the veterinary online for more advice. These veterinary portals are essential in terms of information they contain. This kind of data includes various drugs and medications, as well as their category of treatment. Furthermore, you also get information about various diseases and ailments with the best drugs to treat them.

Ultimately, for the best source of animal and pet medicine, getting veterinary medications online is the best approach. With the online platform, you get the largest variety of veterinary medicine stock, from nutritional supplements to the most advanced medications. Furthermore, each drug has been excellently described with data about its composition, how to administer it, and much more information that is going to be beneficial to the reader. Therefore, if you want to purchase medication for your pet animal, then the online portal is the best place to do it. As a word of caution though, before you administer any medication, ensure you consult with a veterinarian.

Natural Health for Dogs – Traditional Or Holistic Veterinary

The original and on going purpose of veterinary medicine is to strive to achieve optimum health for our animal kingdom. Veterinary medicine is birth from science regardless of traditional or holistic. In each different path lie their strengths and weaknesses. The point is not to discredit traditional and uphold holistic veterinary. Each school can be viewed as complementary or rivals.


1. Traditional western veterinary also known as allopathic veterinary use conventional medicine. These medicines are usually synthetic in origin.

2. The approach treats symptoms. For example, the veterinarian will administer medicine to relieve itchy skin.

3. Every patient is handled in the same way. For example, a dog with a bladder infection will be treated with antibiotics

4. Some conventional medicine will cause side effects. Some dogs will benefit from natural therapies. Take for example; dealing with skin allergy, transitioning from drugs to natural can save the life of your furry friend. It is not easy to reduce medicine that is harmful. Usually minimised side effects. Allergy drugs such as cyclosporine is potent and expensive, an immunosuppressant drug designed to shut down immune system. It is prescribed to human transplant recipients. Possible side effect is vomiting and diarrhoea after using cyclosporine. Use a different approach; frequent baths with organic shampoo, diet supplements, herbal remedies improved skin with no side effect that’s life threatening

5. Good for emergencies, diagnosing the body of an animal and surgery.


1. Not only does the holistic veterinary ask what the problem is, but also inquire why does the dog have this infection?

2. The veterinarian will search for root cause of condition. Once determined, he will eliminate the problem for good.

3. He will treat the pain and health issue (same as traditional) and support the dog fight against disease.

4. He is concern with all aspect of dog’s life. Besides the present circumstances, the veterinarian will ask whether any changes happened to owner’s life that may have contributed to present condition. Change in diet, environment, and move house.

5. Based on the above, he will customise a treatment program.

6. Each dog expresses symptoms of disease in different way. Dogs with same illness have different symptoms or vice versa. For example, itchy skin can be due to allergies, lice, skin infections

7. Holistic veterinary major in treating chronic, long-term illnesses, easing skin problems, calming the body, joints and muscles and nervous systems and boost immunity.

8. Broad category of Holistic veterinary:

Chiropractic involves straightening bones and joints.
Homeopathy like cure like uses highly diluted preparation of certain plants and elements to show body how to return to equilibrium and heal.
Traditional Chinese Medicine use herbs to treat ailments.
Homotoxicology, a branch of homeopathy that emphasizes detoxification as well as treatment of disease.
Nutraceuticals inculcate nutritional supplements used to help various problems.
Physical therapy incorporates massage, stretching, swim therapy, underwater treadmill.


Veterinary traditional medicine has played an important role in the past and continues to do so today, for the benefit of animal kingdom. The goal of holistic veterinary is do what is best for the dog regardless of which treatment. Sometimes medicine can make a dog sick, so working with a holistic veterinary is to minimize conventional medicine to heal your dog naturally. To treat patient the best way, many vets combine the two methods complementary or integrative to traditional medicine giving dog owner’s more options.

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